Make Your Own Invitations

Thinking about making your own stationery but dont know where to start. Not everyone wants to use a stationer for their wedding invitations. Maybe you would like to make them yourself but dont have the skills or techniques or knowledge to get you there. Maybe your budget will not stretch to have the services of a stationer or maybe it is a far more simple reason

YOU JUST WANT TO  MAKE  THEM YOURSELF!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I can help with this. I offer a service which will give you the skill and know how to make your stationery. I will help you with your ideas and help you build templates with which to print your stationery. I will give you details on sourcing your cardstock, embellishments and ribbon if required. From there it will be an easy task for you, and for those difficult bits, I am always at hand to help you. Once you have the knowledge to make your own you could have a little get together with your close female friends and family and have a card making day, with nibbles and a wee glass of wine. This is a chargeable service and the charge will depend on how much work you will need. The costs are not high and you will have the satisfaction of making your own wedding invitations that will give you a sense of pride and self satisfaction.